Death of a Citadel

The shadowy and expanding Upwell Consortium have made much in recent times of the advances in technology that have allowed the construction of “cities among the stars”, or citadels. These monolithic stations are sold as stellar colonies, free from the shackles of terrestrial life and offering capsuleers a gateway to even greater riches through taxation and competition with existing trade centres like Jita 4-4.

What Upwell don’t tell their customers is that nothing is indestructible. New Eden Geographic has obtained images of a Fortizar being destroyed in K-Space, specifically in the low-sec system of Hykanima. This city in the stars was deployed by The Bastard Cartel and was tantalisingly close to the Imperium staging system of Saranen and Pandemic Legion’s capital fleet. Our reporter was on hand to witness the structure coming online:

“I noticed a jump in local and Imperium forces began arriving near the Citadel. There’d also been reports of Titans spotted in the vicinity so it was clear something was going to happen. As soon as the citadel onlined a fleet of bombers decloaked and started unloading on the Fortizar alongside a Hurricane fleet. There was panic on the Citadel as the shock of the attack rippled through the citizens who were hoping for a new life among the stars. They could barely comprehend what was happening, the sheer scale of the attack as each torpedo shook the bolts from their home and the fillings from their teeth. War had arrived in Hykanima.

As the assault continued, more and more ships joined the fray. A cry rang out among the crowds of people, powerless to change their fate yet gripped by the spectacle – Cyno Up!

In came the Titans.

Down came the Citadel.”

Reports suggest the Fortizar was destroyed within 30 minutes of the attack starting and featured pilots from the Imperium, Pandemic Legion/MBC and The Culture. We asked Upwell Consortium to comment on the tragic loss of a citadel in K-Space and they said:

“Our range of citadel class solutions for capsuleers are designed to the highest specifications with an assortment of defensive solutions to prevent loss. Their damage limitation feature means that even when faced with insurmountable odds you can have the information and resources you need to make tactical decisions.

We would remind capsuleers and citizens that space is dangerous and Upwell Consortium can take no responsibility for the loss of your citadel/possessions/life.”

Sadly, in the aftermath of the Citadel’s destruction, our reporter’s pod was destroyed by unknown forces. An investigation is ongoing but we’re pleased to confirm that the clone was activated successfully.

Images by ThePiachu


Upwell Consortium Release New Citadel Videos

With anticipation mounting over the new structure blueprints soon to be released by Upwell Consortium, they’ve released some new footage highlighting how these structures can be used. Something appears to go wrong later in this recording leading to the destruction of the Keepstar class citadel. A spokesperson for Upwell simply stated:

“Our new Keepstar range promises state of the art security for Capsuleer goods. This video highlights perfectly how important it is to put your trust in an Upwell product as in the event of a catastrophic attack by hostile forces all your goods will be secured in a friendly station. All part of the Upwell Consortium service.”

It is not clear if the station featured in the video was occupied by citizens at the time of it’s destruction but we’ve reached out to Upwell Consortium for further comment.

The Titans of Ammar

With the Amarr Championship preparations well underway, the great houses of Amarr arrived in system to ready themselves for the trials ahead. Our photographer was on hand to document this landmark moment as 8 Avatar-class Titans basked in the glory of Amarrian space, surrounded by Capsuleers, citizens and slaves, all eager to share space with the noble giants.

One Titan for each Royal Heir-elect and their entourage, baring the weight of their people’s expectations and hopes in the wake of Empress Jamyl Sarum’s untimely passing.