The Titans of Ammar

With the Amarr Championship preparations well underway, the great houses of AmarrĀ arrived in system to ready themselves for the trials ahead. Our photographer was on hand to document this landmark moment as 8 Avatar-class TitansĀ basked in the glory of Amarrian space, surrounded by Capsuleers, citizens and slaves, all eager to share space with the noble giants.

One Titan for each Royal Heir-elect and their entourage, baring the weight of their people’s expectations and hopes in the wake of Empress Jamyl Sarum’s untimely passing.


World War Bee: New Eden in Flames

Legendary PVP alliance Rooks and Kings have produced a short video reporting on the escalating war between the Imperium/CFC and an allied group known as the Money Badger Coalition, complete with the customary spine-tingling commentary from Lord Maldoror.